Our Mission

Our Mission in Corona Enterprises, a Hardware store, provides valued service solutions to customers.  Our Mission also as a Hardware store strives hard to have a lasting relationship with our customers.  We focus on our expectations and be one of the great choices for construction and building material needs. We are prominent to become the most preferred Hardware store nearest your doorsteps. 

Corona Enterprises’ objectives include the growth and its core values with a dedication to our customers.  We best contribute to the company’s principles and customer satisfaction service.

Corona Enterprises are committed to offering competitive products and services. Our contributing factors are to root the trust and understand customer service. We value our customers, our service is the first priority.  Giving them excellent satisfaction driven with our top employees having their performance towards our customers.

With our skilled employees, Corona Enterprises believes the involvement of building your dream home and renovating it with innovation should be met. We also shape our employees to enhance their customer care satisfaction. We also build employee contentment in order for them to gain good relations and motivating them to reach their goals. As our Hardware store continues its rooted satisfactory service, we look forward to brighter tomorrow having its achievements that fit our core values.