Champ Paint Brush




Champ Paint Brush is used to apply paint to the desired painting applications you need.  Champ Paint Brush are various sizes, shapes, and materials.  It also categorized according to what time of arts you are into.  Some use a thicker type of Paint Brush for larger surfaces.  And to a visual art artist, they usually use thinner ones to have the best finish painting designs.

Paintbrush is made of natural bristles from animal hairs like a hog.  Some use synthetic bristles that made from nylon, polyester or you can combine both.  The best paint brushes are those made in natural bristles especially in oil-based paints while the synthetic best fits for water-based paints.

Before doing some water-based painting application, you must first pre-wet it with water.  And for oil-based paint, use a mineral spirit like paint thinner or solvents.

Here are some guides to help achieve a good finish product on painting:

  1.  When starting to paint, don’t press the brush too hard.
  2. See to it the Painting details are applied then do some smooth over of the applications.
  3. Once a smooth finish is achieved, avoid going over the painted area for it destroy the texture.
  4. If in case you want to apply a coat thinly, don’t stretch the brush.
  5. and most of all, Always remember when painting, it should be in one direction only.


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