LED Bulb


LED Bulbs is a light source used in residential, commercial and industrial building.


LED Bulbs is a light source used in residential, commercial and industrial building.  Starting the year 2000s,  LED (Light Emitting Diode) has replaced the incandescent, halogens and fluorescent Bulbs.  Though, some still use the old version of illumination lightings.

LED lights are 80% more efficient than the other lightings.  Here,  the energy in the LEDs is 95% while the remaining 5% is wasted as hear.  So lesser energy usage would reduce the demand power from Power Plants.  These save energy and also saves on our budget as well.

LED Bulb does not emit polluting radiation so therefore it is hazard-free to consumers. Because it also doesn’t emit UV(infrared radiation) and it also doesn’t contain mercury which very dangerous to all. Its resistance to shocks and even vibration in particular weather like cold environment also helps the consumer in their illumination choices.

It is safe to touch LEB Bulbs because it will not burn since it produces 95% less heat than incandescent Bulbs.  It last long more than any other Bulbs such as incandescent and fluorescent Bulbs.

Nowadays, LED Bulbs is used in all the offices, school buildings, hospitals, malls, other public, and private establishments.

Tip on choosing switches for LED Bulbs:

LEDs are not compatible with other traditional dimming switches because of its circuitry.  You need to find compatible dimmers switches with LED leading edge in the market.


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